Broadway (US 9)

Spans the Harlem River.

This is one of those bridges where the middle section can be raised. It’s a two-level bridge, with the 1 and 9 trains on the upper level. There are walkways on both sides, which are metal grates filled with concrete; excellent surfaces. No stairs.

Manhattan entrance:
Broadway, past 220th Street.

Bronx entrance:
Broadway, south of 225th Street.

For a detailed view of the approaches to this bridge, click here.

Comment from a Web site visitor (July 20, 2004):

"Just ride across on the roadway.  No problem except that you should cross the expansion grate at an angle and slow if needed (you should note this on your page for others who will exercise their vehicular rights and bike across on the roadway). I don't think the walkway is at all excellent for cycling."

Operated by NYC Department of Transporation.