FIBORO BRIDGES Brooklyn Bridge
Spans the East River.
24/7 Bicycle and Pedestrian Access

Brooklyn Bridge

The oldest East River span sports a shared bike and pedestrian path, open 24 hours.

The bicycle and pedestrian path extends down the center of the Brooklyn Bridge, with cyclists in the north lane (opposite of what appears in the photo) and pedestrians on the south lane. Often the signage and striping is hidden or vandalized, so watch out for unknowing pedestrians wandering in the bike lane. Particularly beware of tourists; there are usually hundreds on this bridge, posing for photographs and not particularly interested in passing cyclists or rollerbladers.

Over the years, T.A. has won ramps to replace the path’s stairs, the removal of a dangerous subway entrance on the Manhattan approach and a physically separated bike lane on Tillary Street that connects with Downtown Brooklyn’s bicycle network.

Brooklyn Bridge by Numbers:
Distance: 6,775 feet
Design: 1883 Suspension Bridge
Architect: John Roebling
Manhattan entrance: Park Row and Centre Street, across from City Hall Park.
Brooklyn entrance: Stairs to Cadman Plaza East and Prospect Street, ramp to Johnson and Adams Streets.

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Also see the 1999 plan for a new approach to the Brooklyn side of the bridge.

For further info: visit NYC Department of Transportation, or call 212-442-7033