Bridges of Westchester Creek, Eastchester Bay and Pelham Bay

Cross Bronx Expressway/Bruckner Expressway (I-95, I-295, I-278) Bridge

No bike or pedestrian path.

Shore Road Bridge

Peds OKBikes OK

A long four-lane drawbridge, with heavy traffic. There is a sidewalk on the East side of the bridge which is okay, but the pavement before and after the bridge is really bad. This is not so bad for bikes, but for skates it’s awkward. Nice views of Co-op city, the New Haven trains and a toxic waste dump. No stairs.

South entrance: Westchester Avenue at Bruckner Boulevard
North entrance: Shore Road at City Island Road

Hutchinson Parkway Bridge

Peds OKBikes OK

This drawbridge has a sidewalk on the west side. Pavement of the sidewalk is fair, but both approaches are hard to find and unpaved and are not well-suited for biking or skating. South terminus has a sharp u-turn and biking/skating up/down is hazardous. North terminus leads to numerous paths within Pelham Park. No stairs. 

North entrance: East shore of the river in Pelham Park from: 

(1) Hutchinson River Pkwy Exit 5 (Orchard Beach Rd): when N/B & S/B on-ramps split, follow the path along the right side of S/B on-ramp to the bridge. Or 

(2) numerous paths thru the park, but it can be much harder to negotiate. 

South entrance: Hutchinson River Pkwy (west side) @ Bartow Ave (south side) 

New England Thruway (I-95) Bridge

No walkway or bike path. Nearest alternative is Boston Road.

Boston Road Bridge

Peds OK Bikes OK Skates OK

Sidewalks on either side; views of Co-Op City. No stairs.

South entrance: Boston Road at 233rd Street
North entrance: Boston Road at Huguenot Avenue

Unionport Bridge (Westchester Creek)

Peds OK Bikes OK Skates OK
This drawbridge carries Bruckner Blvd across Westchester Creek below Cross Bronx Expy & Bruckner Expy (I-95, I-295, I-278) (which prohibit ped/bike access under NYC Traffic Rule). It is poorly marked and hard to find. The roadway is metal grating. The sidewalks are well paved. No stairs.

West entrance: Bruckner Blvd @ Zerega Ave 
East entrance: Bruckner Blvd @ Brush Ave

City Island Road Bridge

Peds OKBikes OK

There are sidewalks on both sides of the bridge, with no fishing allowed. The south sidewalk links up with the bike paths out of the park. Great views of Orchard Beach and the Throgs Neck and Whitestone Bridges. No stairs.

West entrance: City Island Road at Shore Road
East entrance: City Island Avenue at Bridge Street