East River Bridges

Brooklyn Bridge

Peds OK
Bikes OK
Blades OK

New Yorkís most iconic bridge is a magnet for tourists. Stick to the left lane and ride slowly. Watch out for the car-clogged approaches on both the Manhattan and Brooklyn ends.

Manhattan entrances: Park Row and Centre Street, across from City Hall Park.

Brooklyn entrances: Stairs to Cadman Plaza East and Prospect Street, ramp to Tillary and Adams Streets.

[Manhattan side approach | Brooklyn side approach]

Manhattan Bridge

Peds OK
Bikes OK
Blades OK

Reopened in 2001, separate walking and biking paths reduce user conflict and provide a good alternative to the tourist-clogged Brooklyn Bridge.

Manhattan entrances: North side bicycle path to Canal and Forsythe Street, south side pedestrian path to Bowery.

Brooklyn entrances: North side bicycle path (ramp) and south side pedestrian path (stairs) to Sands Street and Jay Street.

Click here to see the Manhattan and Brooklyn side approaches to the bridge.

***Due to bridge reconstruction, the north bicycle path is temporarily closed and cyclists have been redirected to the south pedestrian path (with stairs) until August 2007. For more information, call NYC DOTís Manhattan Bridge Community Liason at 718-858-0111.

Williamsburg Bridge

Peds OK
Bikes OK
Skates OK

A smooth, broad path provides excellent riding between North Brooklyn and the Lower East Side. Be careful merging onto Delancey Street as you exit, and watch for red light running cars.

Manhattan entrance: Accessible from the median on Delancey Street at Clinton.

Brooklyn entrances: North side bicycle path exits at South 5th Street at Continental Army Plaza, south side pedestrian path at Bedford Avenue, between Broadway and South 5th Street.

***Due to bridge reconstruction, the south pedestrian path is closed until further notice. Pedestrians have been diverted onto the north cycling path.

[Manhattan side approach | Brooklyn side approach]

Queensboro (59th Street) Bridge

The bicycle and pedestrian path is on the North Outer Roadway. It is skateable, but the entrances are poorly-designed and dangerous. Be especially careful on First Avenue, or riding east along Queens Plaza.

Manhattan entrance: 60th Street, between Second and First Avenues
Queens entrance: Queens Plaza and Crescent Street

Click here to see the Manhattan and Queens side approaches to this bridge.

Roosevelt Island Bridge

Peds OK

Walkway on the north side is skateable, if a little narrow.

Queens entrance: Vernon Boulevard at 36th Avenue
Roosevelt Island entrance: Apparently, bicycles and pedestrians (and by extention skaters) are prohibited from the on-ramp. The escalator by Sloan’s seems to work, as does the elevator.

Ward’s Island Footbridge

Peds OK
Bikes OK
Skates OK

The Cityís only bridge solely dedicated to alternative transporation is open during Spring and Summer.

Manhattan entrance: 103rd Street and East River Promenade

Click here for the Manhattan and Ward's Island approaches to this bridge.

Triboro Bridge

Peds OK

Skates OK

This bridge complex has three branches, going to Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx from Randallís Island. Officially, bicyclists must walk their bikes over the 2+ mile span. Unofficially, itís open to cyclists 24/7. Be careful of stairs on the Queens branch, the steep, winding ramp on the Manhattan branch and the confusing maze of parking lots on Randallís Island.

Queens entrance: Long, steep stairs at Hoyt Avenue South and 26th Street

Manhattan entrance: 124th and 126th Streets and Second Avenue, plus First Avenue at 124th and 126th Streets

Bronx entrance: 133rd Street and Cypress Avenue

[Queens side approach | Manhattan side approach |
 Bronx side approach]

Bronx-Whitestone Bridge (I-678)

No Bikes

No bike or pedestrian path. However, the NYC DOT and Queens Surface Corporation offer the QBx1, a bus with a bike rack on the front.

Throgs Neck Bridge (I-295)

No bike or pedestrian path.