Gowanus Canal

This is a small canal which penetrates from the Gowanus Bay into the heart of Brownstone Brooklyn. Generally speaking, it separates Park Slope from Carroll Gardens, although the area around the canal itself is sometimes referred to as “Gowanus.”

Union Street Bridge

Peds OK Bikes OK Skates: rough Union St Bridge

Small drawbridge with a grating for a roadway. One-way bridge, eastbound only, with painted striped bike path. Sidewalks on either side for pedestrians. No stairs, but grating makes rough going for rollerbladers.

Carroll Street Bridge

Peds OK
Bikes OK

Rough wooden-plank roadway. One-way eastbound. No stairs. One curiosity: a sign which admonishes motorists not to cross at a speed faster than a walk, or else face a five-dollar fine.

Third Street Bridge

Peds OK Bikes OK Third Street Bridge This small drawbridge carries the westbound bike route across the canal. Bike route is a painted striped lane. The roadway two-way street with metal grating, but there are concrete sidewalks. No stairs.

Ninth Street Bridge

Peds OKBikes OK
Third Street Bridge

After reconstruction, this drawbridge has reopened. The roadway & south sidewalk are nicely paved. No stairs. 

Hamilton Avenue Drawbridge

Peds OKBikes OK

This is a divided multi-lane drawbridge under I-278 (which prohibits ped/bike access under NYC Traffic Rule) with sidewalks on both sides. The roadway is metal grating. The sidewalks have seams. No stairs.