Henry Hudson Bridge

Spans the Harlem River.

According to the MTA Bridges and Tunnels Public Affairs Office, the Henry Hudson Bridge biking and walking path is open as of Fall 2004.

There is a walkway on the west side of the lower roadway (the walkway was closed on 3/15/2004 for approximately 6 months). Pavement quality on the actual walkway is good. Manhattan entrance is via the paths in Inwood Hill Park, easier if you go under the bridge and up, but you can also go over the hill and under the parkway (down several flights of stairs).

The TA Magazine featured this bridge crossing in the northbound direction as part of a Joyride: 

L - Dyckman St 
R - enter Inwood Hill Park, follow the path as far as the metal stairs 
Cross - metal stairs over Amtrak tracks, continue on the path north 
R - take the second right off the main path, it's a very steep climb up, best to walk up this hill to the parkway. You will be at the Henry Hudson Bridge toll plaza. The bridge sidewalk is right there, just go across and admire the view. 
L - exit the sidewalk onto HHP West

If by some chance you wind up on the east side of the roadway by the toll booths, the workers there have been known to stop traffic for pedestrians to get to the walkway. Please try and find your way around first, though, so that we don’t abuse their kindness.

The Riverdale entrance is a snap, on the other hand. It’s a short stairway off of Henry Hudson Parkway West (the service road) just south of 227th Street. If you’re coming from Manhattan, don’t bother with the first set of stairs that lead off to the left; they end at a locked green door that says “Danger.”

Comment from a Web site visitor (November 17, 2001):

"Northbound sidewalk on Henry Hudson Bridge has sign that says 'No Bicycle Traffic.' The sign is positioned over the walkway, not the highway. I walked my bike across and nobody tried to stop me, though."

Comment from a Web site visitor (November 22, 2001):

"The Henry Hudson Bridge sidewalk is closed for several months during the winter."

Fun Facts:
Distance: 2,209 feet
Design: Arch bridge built in 1936
Manhattan entrance: Inside Inwood Hill Park, west of Route 9A.
Bronx entrance: Henry Hudson Parkway West, just south of 227th Street.

T.A. Magazine Articles on the Henry Hudson Bridge:

For more info: visit MTA Bridges and Tunnels, or call 212-360-3000.