Hudson River and Narrows

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (278)

No Bike Access

This bridge is the only direct link between Brooklyn and Staten Island. No bike or pedestrian path. Nearest alternative is the Staten Island Ferry, which links Staten Island with Manhattan.

Proposals have been discussed for decades for retrofitting a bikeway, though.

George Washington Bridge

Peds OK

Bike route along South Walkway, with great views of the Hudson, and try going down to Palisades Park afterwards. No stairs on the south side, but along steep ramp.

Manhattan entrance: 178th street and Cabrini Boulevard (stairs at 179th Street for the North side)
New Jersey entrance: Hudson Terrace in Fort Lee, just north of Fort Lee Historical Park.

[Manhattan side approach | New Jersey side approach]

Tappan Zee Bridge (route 287/87)

no bikes allowed

The Tappan Zee is the first bridge north of the George Washington Bridge.

No bikes allowed on the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Bear Mountain Bridge

Bike lane along highway shoulder takes you both directions across the Hudson connecting Bear Mountain Bridge State Park and the Putnam/Westchester county line.

This beautiful, quaint suspension bridge offers amazing views. Take Metro-North to Cold Spring or Harriman if you don’t want to ride the 30+ miles from Manhattan.

Comment from a Web site visitor (April 25, 2002): "To get the Bear Mountain Bridge from the east side of the Hudson river, the closest Metro North stops are Manitou (stops infrequently) and Garrison (regular stops). Your site mentioned the Cold Spring stop, which, while beautiful, is not the nearest stop to the Bear Mountain Bridge. Also, some bikers may want to get off at Peekskill and bike up a beautiful stretch of highway until they get to route 9D and the entrance to the Bear Mountain Bride."

Newburgh-Beacon Bridge

Dedicated bike/ped bike lane along highway takes you both directions across the Hudson connecting the towns of Newburgh and Beacon, NY. Amazing views, beautiful enormous suspension bridge.

Follow bike route signs to bridge bike path entrance on both sides.