Marine Parkway Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge

Spans Jamaica Bay.

Bridge Closure:

During the current reconstruction period, the bridge is closed to bicycles and peds and a free shuttle bus is available until the bridge re-opens in Spring 2001 [Update May 11, 2001: the bridge is now open to bicycles and peds]. However, the bike/ped path is not scheduled to be widened or improved by the reconstruction.

This bridge is a popular route for NYC bike clubs and other cyclists to get to the Rockaway beaches in the summer. The dedicated bike/ped lane is small (five feet wide?), barely enough to accomodate two cyclists passing each other, never mind the pedestrians and dozens of fishermen who set up on the walkway at all times of year.

Like all MTA bridges, bicyclists are technically required to walk their bikes across the span. Yet in practice this is rarely followed.

Update June 24, 2000: The MTA informed Transportation Alternatives that in response to our request, a bike trailer will be added to the Marine Parkway Bridge Bicycle Shuttle Service. Starting July 1, 2000, the shuttle will able to carry 15 bicycles per trip. Shuttle frequencies will not increase, however, the MTA says it is keeping careful track of the trip logs and cycle counts kept by shuttle drivers. If the trailer proves inadequate the MTA will increase bicycle shuttle capacity as warranted. The shuttle can currently carry 4 bicycles per trip. The bike/ped path on the Marine Parkway Bridge is slated to open in the Spring of 2001.

Update May 11, 2001: The Marine Parkway bridge is open to cyclists and pedestrians again!

Brooklyn entrance: Flatbush Avenue and Belt Parkway.
Queens entrance: Beach 169th Street, Rockaway Point Boulevard and Beach Channel Drive.

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