Newark Bay, Passaic and Hackensack River Bridges

Newark Bay Bridge (I-78)

No bike or pedestrian path. Toll officials are helpful with alternate routes, however.

Lincoln Highway Bridge (Truck 1/9)

Peds OKBikes OK

This is in fact two bridges, one over the Hackensack River from Jersey City to Kearney, and from Kearney across the Passaic River to Newark. Sidewalks on both sides; no stairs. 

Jersey City entrance: Communipaw Avenue at Marcy Avenue
Newark entrance: Raymond Boulevard at East Ferry Street

Comments from one of our Web site visitors:

"The Truck 1/9 sidewalk is currently is less-than-perfect condition, and is extremely narrow. In addition to problems on the bridges themselves, accessing the sidewalk from the Jersey City is extremely tricky, and access from the Newark side is downright dangerous (it involves negotiating a high-speed interchange with the NJ Turnpike, with heavy truck traffic).  Basically, you might want to stick some sort of a caution notice on this route...not for beginners! There is a proposal to improve the route as part of the New Jersey cross-state "Gateway to Water gap" trail, however I'm not sure it's going anywhere at this point in time..." (dated February 9, 2001)

"The pedestrian path still exists, but is fairly filled with debris, while their approaches are totally destroyed, overgrown with weed and bushes and stairs crumbled like ruins. I just rode this last Sunday and the only thing to do is ride in traffic!" (Dated August 25, 2006)

Pulaski Skyway (US 1/9)

No bike or pedestrian path.

Comment from a Web site visitor:

"'No bike or pedestrian path is true. Though no official orders or signs prohibiting peds/bikes exist, peds/bikes should never attempt to cross it because there are no shoulders along most of the segment to allow safe passage along with 45 mph traffic. Use alternate routes nearby." (dated March 25, 2001)

Frank E. Rodgers Bridge

Peds OKBikes OK

This small drawbridge connects downtown Newark with Harrison across the Passaic River. Good sidewalks on both sides, with stairs and ramps on the Newark end.

Newark entrance: Raymond Boulevard at Jackson Street
Harrison entrance: Frank E. Rodgers Boulevard at Cape May Street