Bridges of Newtown Creek and Tributaries

The Newtown Creek separates the Greenpoint neighboorhood in Brooklyn from the Queens neighborhoods of Long Island City and Maspeth. It is joined by the Dutch Kills, Maspeth Creek and English Kills. These days it’s very well-contained and regulated, and almost seems like a system of canals; all these streams begin at flat concrete walls.

Grand Street/Metropolitan Avenue Bridge

Peds OK Bikes OK Skates: rough Metropolitan Ave Bridge

A small drawbridge across the English Kills, with horrible surfaces. The roadway is a grating, and the sidewalk is some nasty broken-up rubber. No stairs, though.

Comment from a Web site visitor: "Dangerous traffic conditions at either end, namely: Westbound - Merging traffic at east end of bridge, diverging traffic at west end of bridge. Eastbound - Continuing east on Grand Street, instead of Metropolitan Avenue, requires a left turn at the first light (Stewart Avenue)." (Feb. 14, 2001)

Grand Avenue Bridge

Peds OK  


The roadway is metal grating partially filled with concrete, and is narrow that cars can meet two-way, but heavy trucks cannot. It may be rough for bikes and skates. Watch for frequent truck traffic since it is within an industrial zone. The sidewalks have seams. A stairway exists at west terminus of north walk.

Kosciusko Bridge (BQE/I-278)

No bike or pedestrian path.

J. J. Byrne Memorial Bridge

Peds OK Bikes OK Skates: rough Metropolitan Ave Bridge

This small drawbridge takes Greenpoint Avenue across the Newtown Creek. Sidewalks on both sides; no stairs.

Hunterspoint (49th) Avenue Bridge

Peds OK Bikes OK Skates OK

A tiny drawbridge with sidewalks on both sides. No stairs.

Borden Avenue Bridge (51st Avenue Bridge)

Peds OK A 2-lane drawbridge with metal grating (partially filled with concrete) roadway and wood deck sidewalks on both side. No stairs.

Pulaski Bridge

Peds OK Bikes OK Skates OK

A relatively high drawbridge with a nice fresh concrete walkway on the western side. Fully ramped, with additional stair access.

Greenpoint access: McGuiness Boulevard at Freeman Street
Long Island City access: 11th Street at 50th Avenue