Roosevelt Island Bridge

Spans the East River.

Sidewalk on the north side is bikeable/skateable, if a little narrow.

Queens entrance:
Vernon Boulevard at 36th Avenue
Roosevelt Island entrance:
apparently, bicycles and pedestrians (and by extension skaters) are prohibited from the on-ramp. The escalator by Sloan’s seems to work, as does the elevator.

Operated by NYC Department of Transportation.

Comment from a Web site visitor (August 23, 2003):

"The following is what I observed on 2003-08-23 when crossing eastbound by bike: Escalators and elevators are on the north side of the main bridge, but they are not clearly marked. The narrow vehicular ramp in Roosevelt Island has "No Bicycle" signs when entering or exiting the main bridge. It implies that the ramp is not meant for pedestrians or skaters, either. The north sidewalk is well paved but narrow. No guard rail separates it from the adjacent roadway. Once on the main bridge, I, as an experienced biker, decided to bike eastbound on the roadway with metal grating but not on the sidewalk next to the westbound vehicular lane. The roadway has metal grating that inhibits skating. In my opinion, experienced bikers should use the roadway on the main bridge. Skaters and novice bikers who use the sidewalk should be aware of not only pedestrians but also vehicles on adjacent roadway because falling from the sidewalk onto the roadway can also be very dangerous."