The NYC Bicycle Ambassador Program

T.A.'s Bicycle Ambassadors provide a positive face for the fast-growing number of New Yorkers who are choosing bicycles to get around town. The Bicycle Ambassadors promote safe cycling throughout the five boroughs during the non-winter months through community organizing and outreach.

Between 2006 and 2010 the city added more than 200 miles of bike lanes to NYC streets. During that same four year period regular cycling more than doubled. Bicycling is NYC's fastest -and only- growing mode of transportation. Information for the public about the bicycling rules of the road, as well as how bike lanes work, is an important part of healthy growth in bicycling in NYC. You can count on T.A.'s Bicycle Ambassadors to fill this information gap in neighborhoods across the five boroughs.

In 2011 the NYC Bicycle Ambassadors will be on the street and at community events building public and political support for the three pillars of safe cycling in NYC:
  • Responsible riding is safer for everyone.
  • Bike lanes keep everyone out of each other's way and out of harm's way.
  • A robust public bike share program empowers New Yorkers with more transit choices.
The Bicycle Ambassadors will be located all across the city having conversations with New Yorkers about how and why bicycling benefits New Yorkers and NYC.

Join the call for more bicycling by signing on to the New Yorkers for Bicycling Declaration and spread the word to your friends! You can be a bike ambassador too by speaking up for safer bicycling in the Big Apple! You can also request an official T.A. Bicycle Ambassador in your neighborhood by emailing our Lead Ambassador

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