Families for Safe Streets

FSS members at a rally

As individuals who have lost loved ones or been injured in traffic crashes, we give New Yorkers the opportunity to receive support services and channel their grief into action.

We bear witness to our pain and suffering in order to eliminate fatalities and injuries on our streets. We seek to make it socially unacceptable to drive recklessly and press for solutions like safe multi-modal streets to prevent other loved ones from enduring injury or harm. We envision a city where pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles safely co-exist by encouraging the rapid implementation of Vision Zero. We encourage others to join our Advocacy work.

We gain strength from the emotional support we share from each other’s experiences because traffic crashes can be unimaginably difficult. We offer a wide range of support services because no one should have to endure this alone. Also, building upon our collective knowledge, we created a resource guide to help others through this painful and complex process. Our Peer Support and Resource Guide can assist you.

We came together in 2014 as a project of Transportation Alternatives and build on TransAlt’s longstanding commitment to amplify the voices of people affected by traffic crashes.

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Families for Safe Streets Events

April 2018

  • Support Community for Traffic Crash Surv…

    111 John St, Suite 260
    New York

    Were you injured in a traffic crash? You are not alone! Join us for a healing dose of mutual support, guidance and camaraderie in a private, safe space for individuals injured in crashes. We welcome pedestrians, cyclists and other motor vehicle crash victims/survivors, injured in both recent incidents or in the past. Questions? Please feel free to contact chana.widawski@transalt.org.

May 2018

  • Advocacy Training - Street Redesign

    111 John St, Suite 260
    New York

    Channeling your grief and trauma into action saves lives and is proven to help encourage your own healing. Come learn why street design is the most important Vision Zero tool, hear more about current fights for street redesign, and help us strategize how we can pass a bill this legislative session that will mandate proven solutions when fixing our streets.

June 2018

  • Picnic & Floating Lanterns

    New York

    Join us for an end of the season picnic. The evening will end with a short release of floating lanterns to remember those we have lost and the trauma we have suffered.