UncivilServants.org shut down

Sorry, but we've decided to shut down UncivilServants.org. Thank you for your efforts in combating placard abuse -- we wouldn't have been able to make such progress without you! We, in partnership with Streetsblog, are fighting the problem by asking New Yorkers to submit photos of parking placard abuse. Submit your photos to tips@streetsblog.org. Your photo(s) must include:
  1. the violation in context (i.e. car parked on sidewalk)
  2. any signs and placards
Use your best judgment -- people get sensitive about their car being photographed, especially when they are caught breaking the law. Stay safe. Read our reports on placard abuse here:
  1. Totally Bogus: A Study of Parking Permit Abuse in NYC
  2. Above the Law: A Study of Government Parking Permit Abuse in New York City
  3. Uncivil Servants A Survey of Government Worker Parking Abuse in NYC’s Chinatown and Civic Center
Read continuing coverage of the issue on Streetsblog.