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With your help, Bay Ridge will soon become Brooklyn's second Bike Friendly Business District. This historic neighborhood, home to iconic markets, vibrant street life and thriving commerce, could soon be transformed into a major bicycling destination with the construction of a bicycle path on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge , and will become even more friendly to being explored by bicycle.

What is a Bike Friendly Business District?
A Bike Friendly Business District is an area that includes a network of bike lanes, bike parking and additional street infrastructure that works to create lively and safe streets that benefit residents, local businesses and all who use the area.

Bike Friendly Business Districts include infrastructure like bike racks and bike corrals (a row of bike racks) and are home to business that offer discounts to folks who arrive on bike, because they realize that people who ride bikes are valuable customers and welcoming them is good for business. Bike Friendly Businesses also take the lead in training working cyclists (also known as delivery people) on rules and regulations of the road.

Leaders of local businesses, arts institutions and community organizations on Staten Island are committed to encouraging safe bicycling in that neighborhood.

What can a Bike Friendly Business District do for Bay Ridge?
Bay Ridge already has some bike infrastructure on Shore Road, Colonial Road, and access to Shore Parkway bike path and the Brooklyn Greenway. Residents will have another option to get around and tourists exploring Brooklyn would be able to ride and see what Bay Ridge has to offer!

A Bike Friendly Business District helps cyclists -- and lots of other people, including local business owners, kids, seniors and pedestrians of all ages and walks of life – navigate the area with ease and safety.