Vision Zero: A movement to eliminate all traffic fatalities and serious injuries on New York City streets.

Bike Lanes: Separate spaces for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers keep everyone out of each other’s way and out of harm’s way.

Bike Share: Public bike share is a safe and convenient transportation choice that makes bicycling an affordable addition to New York City’s public transportation options.

Bus Rapid Transit: Bus lanes empower New Yorkers with freedom of mobility by expanding access to the public transportation system New York City depends on.

Public Plazas: New York City is known worldwide for its street life. From taco carts to public fountains, there’s always something good to discover walking our streets.

Play Streets: Neighborhood streets that offer opportunities for outdoor, active play make New York City’s children happier and healthier and bring local families together.

Eliminating Speeding: Slow zones and speed cameras reduce the speed limit on residential streets and encourage drivers to prioritize safety when they're behind-the-wheel.

Traffic Enforcement: Safe streets require more than just safe designs—they require safe behavior. That’s why the police need to prevent crashes by enforcing traffic laws and uphold justice by thoroughly investigating crashes when they do occur.

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For forty years, Transportation Alternatives has worked to make our streets safer. Watch the video above to see how our work is guided by a simple vision: our streets should be safe enough for our children.