Drunk Driver Sentenced, Danger Remains

1 Year After Biker was Killed, No Fix to Greenway

In December 2006, Eric Ng was struck and killed by a drunk motorist driving 50 miles per hour on the Hudson River Greenway. The driver of that car, Eugenio Cidron, will be sentenced this morning. But more than a year after Eric's death, agencies responsible for the safety of the greenway, the nation's busiest bike path, have yet to implement the low-cost safety improvements necessary to prevent another tragedy.

In a 2007 survey of bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers along the Hudson River Greenway, Transportation Alternatives identified seven crossings where motor vehicles repeatedly violate the car-free path. More than a third of greenway users surveyed reported cars driving on the greenway.

T.A. is calling for:

  • Closure of redundant crossings
  • Bollards to physically bar motor vehicles from entering the bike path
  • Narrowing cross-streets
  • Distinct pavement and treatments to demarcate park entrances

With the sentence of Eric's killer handed down, the NY State Department of Transportation and NYC Department of Transportation must rededicate themselves to the immediate implementation of safety improvements to ensure this tragedy is never repeated.